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Our journey can take several different paths, it is up to you which one you choose. All donors are presented in our annual report and on our website. We appreciate any kind of support.

Consider contribution

You can help our workshop financially by sending money to our company account no. 2301009702/2010. Any sum will be of great help for us. Please state ‘donation to help run the organisation’ in the recipient information section.


Community of friends

We prefer to be surrounded by supporters who we can meet at our events, fundraisers or in our workshop, rather than to apply for contributions from anonymous institutions. Although we cannot survive without the support of large organisations, we prefer having a personal relationship with our supporters.

Anyone can become a Lemniskata community supporter, just fill in the application.

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We are always happy to welcome volunteers. They help us run our workshop, get to learn the production techniques used, and gradually work towards assisting our employees directly. There are also many other ways for volunteers to get involved and enrich us with their experience and bring new fresh ideas.

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Use for your purchases

Shop on your favourite web shops and we’ll receive a percentage of everything you spend, without any extra expenses on your side.

More informations

Onetime contribution

The main idea of the protected workshops is enabling and preservation of working opportunities in a sheltered, but at the same time creative and internally free space. Our goal is for our employees to find self-security in their work and to gain new manual and social skills while feeling as a part of a group of people who are respecting their individual needs while creating a whole community.

How companies can help

Employees lending

Companies can help out by ´lending´ us employees who work in areas, such as fundraising, marketing, public relations, accounting, law or IT. It can either a one-off occasion or regular help in a specific area.

Facultative compensation

This involves actively supporting sheltered workplaces by purchasing products or services provided by their employees - in a total value of seven times the average salary of the given year, for each disabled person that is missing from the company’s work force according to the legal obligations. By supporting our workplace with your purchase, you will not only ensure that you are fulfilling your legal obligations, you will also be helping us by providing work for people, who otherwise have difficulties finding employment.

Workspace adoption

Companies can help improve our financial situation by covering the cost of one or more clients’ salaries for any period of time period (minimum one month).